Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1: Review


Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

I had a chance to test the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, it's lightweight, lightning fast & has a good range of features. Here is a brief review.

Hands On

Look & Feel

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 looks & feels very nice with its 10.1” 1280x800 (WXGA) display & has a  longer, narrower form than the iPad.

The display however is very glossy; you could often see yourself reflected. I found it good to hold & use, the unit was also very responsive. The Samsung Galaxy Tab also supports Adobe Flash and if you are a heavy Flash user then you will find the Tab very useful.

Galaxy Tab Back


The Samsung was a breeze to setup, when you first turn it on you’re presented with a wizard, that prompts you to configure location, time, wireless, Google login etc.

My Impressions

Overall the Galaxy Tab is a nice device, with a beautiful display, on top of this it really flies with Honeycomb under the hood. It mostly focuses on Internet, media & Email. The Galaxy Tab has dual band (a+b+g+n) wireless & Bluetooth support. Navigating around the device was straight forward; it also has 5 home screens that can be modified by the user, along with multi-tasking. It also has 4 Navigation keys, Back, Home, Multitasking & Menu (Relevant apps).

One thing I found a little off-putting was the longer, narrower form, especially with browsing. I prefer the wider form of the iPad. On the positive, side navigating around is better than the iPad with its various shortcuts.

As with the iPad it’s a sealed device, Battery isn’t replaceable, no USB or SD card support, there are only 2 external slots,  headphone socket and a proprietary 30-pin charging port.


The Samsung comes with an impressive compliment of apps, including the following:


The Galaxy Tab has an 8 Mega-pixel Camera with LED flash & autofocus, this did a very nice job with photographs in testing, results were generally better than the iPad in various situations.

Galaxy Tab 10.1 Camera

The Samsung camera takes a much sharper picture than the Pad 2.


The Google Chrome browser is very nice, fast & responsive, browsing from one page to the next was brisk however as previously noted I found the narrower form to be annoying.


This was quick & easy to setup, including Microsoft Exchange, all up & running in no time, also I like the display, has native Gmail support.

Quick Office:

This allows you to create, edit & read various Office documents; it also allows you to edit documents on external cloud media like dropbox & Google Docs.

Music Player:

This is a very nice little player, was quite impressed with this, sound quality was good.


Does a very god job of presenting images, also allow you to edit photos, plenty of options. Other apps include Movie Maker, maps & you tube.


The Samsung performed very well with its Honeycomb OS running Nvidea Tegra 2 dual-core 1GHz processor, in all aspects it flew, movement between pages was very snappy, even with multiple tasks running, there was no noticeable slowdown. Wireless connected & performed flawlessly on both bands with good transfer speeds. Bluetooth was very straight forward to configure & use.


I found battery life to be quite good:

  • Built-in 7000mAh Battery
  • Video: lasted around 8 hours or so.
  • All other apps: Will last you for a whole day and you should still have some juice left.



Overall a very nice unit, nice display, very fast, is well featured & has a good selection of included apps, however it has some drawbacks, most noticeably the lack of external ports.


  • Nice crisp display
  • Very fast
  • Good to hold & use
  • Simple to setup initially
  • Nice array of included apps



  • Narrow Form
  • Current lack of suitable apps.
  • Unit sealed, battery can’t be replaced
  • Lack of external ports, SD, USB, HDMI etc.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Rating

Very Good


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